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Expert Team


Dr.Christian Braun

Maurer SE General Manager has been working in Maurer's management layer ever since 1987 and is responsible for

global building and bridge structure protection product technology and marketing. In the fields of building and

bridge structure protection products, Dr. Christian Braun is the member of all countries'and international committees.




Sales Director of Maurer SE Asia-Pacific and South America Region and Maurer China President, with a degree of MBA,

began his sales work of Maurer products in China since 1996.



Dr.Zongyang Gong

D.E.of Instrument Science and Engineering School of Southeast University has been selected in 2011 Jiangsu

Enterprise Doctor Gathering Plan, 2012 Nanjing 321 Talent Introduction Plan and 2013 Nanjing Science and

Technology Entrepreneurs in succession; won three patent authorizations, five invention and utility model patents as well as three software copyrights and assumed two municipal science and technology plans. Now, he is holding the position of Jiangsu Maurer senior technical consultant.