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Professional Services

Technical Consultation

We provide customers with free business and technology consultation services;

You can contact us via telephone, fax, mail or QQ;

Consultation services include: Product quotation, technical parameter setting, the choice of materials, technology

standards, preliminary type-selecting programs, etc.;

We will occasionally invite potential customers to the company or to the project site for field visits;

For potential customers, we also provide free technical training services.


Commissioning and Installation

We provide professional installation debugging or installation guide services according to the different needs of


Commissioning and installation services include product debugging, installation, maintenance and so forth;

Installation guide service an additional service we provide for contracts without installation tasks. We can send

professional engineers to guide customers to install the product in the construction site.


Health Monitoring

For all running projects in China, we only charge cost fees and provide health monitoring service;

Health monitoring mainly includes the products' running state, displacement system, steel components, waterproof

system, carrying system and other monitoring items;

After health monitoring is completed, we issue authoritative product monitoring reports to customers.


Complete Set of Solutions

We offer a full range of optimized complete sets of product solutions based on customer needs and technical


For new projects, we can provide a full range of solutions covering product design and type selection, material

selection, manufacturing, installation, transport and maintenance;

For the projects that have been built, we will develop different solutions to diseased products according to the

situation of the diseases after giving a professional health detection to the original bridge structure protection

products, which are completely tailored for the projects and for customers to chose from.



Within the defect liability period, we will provide free maintenance service for our products;

When the defect liability period expires, we will provide lifelong maintenance services (only cost fees are charged);

Repair and maintenance services include routine product maintenance, parts and product replacement, etc.;

After the completion of maintenance services, we will conduct customer satisfaction surveys;

We value each evaluation made by our customers very much. Your satisfaction is our only pursuit!