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Fluid Viscous Damper

Product Description

Maurer fluid viscous damper is a accurate calculation of quantitative damping product, it is not only a qualitative buffer. Maurer company can do alpha to 0.015, domestic manufacturers generally can do to 0.3. For the designers, the damping force is the maximum force that must be considered when designing the anchorage system and adjacent structures. Obviously, due to Maurer company damper with minimal alpha value, earthquake seismic energy dissipation is the greatest! Meanwhile the structure of the adjacent parts design force is only a fraction of the competition of the damper, thin structure is bound to save huge manpower and material resources, and effectively prevent resistance damper, anchorage system and bridge structure damage due to overload.


Performance Features

◆The damping force and other parameters can be accurately customized;

◆α= 0.015, first in the world, the minimum structure , to prevent overloading;

◆Rate up to 1.4 meters / seconds;

◆The damping coefficient (ξ) 0.61, efficiency(η)=96% !

◆The maximum damping force can be achievedin 1 / 10 seconds to protection structure;

◆The hydraulic oil in damper automatically compensate (do not generate internal pressure changing);

◆a maintenance free (no external pipeline) silicone oil and corrosion special additives, constant viscosity special high strength seal ring, do not produce leakage;

◆A range of - 40 °C~ + 70°C ;

◆Sizes small, simple installation, using lifecycle do not less than 50 years;

◆SLS load of 250 bar; ULS load:450bar-620bar.