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Self-adaptive Magnetorheological Damper

Product Description

The cable MR damper is a kind of adaptive damper for bridge cable, semi active adapted to the cable vibration condition, if necessary for cable tension can be measured and monitored. MR damper is usually located in the bridge pulled prison site, suppress the cable vibrations caused by rain or traffic, is the best damping device and cable-stayed suspension bridge.


Performance Features

◆The automatic control system (Expert System);

◆Record all damper frequency and displacement of cable;

◆The time record of frequency and the input displacement signal ;

◆Work condition monitoring: every 10 minutes detection the system;

◆Alarm function: in case of a malfunction immediately alarm by sms;

◆The recorded signal for temperature compensation;

◆The information function: if the vibration is not normal, SMS alarm;

◆Internet access (wireless MODEM);

◆Power supply system: AC supply+ solar energy.