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Maintenance-free Friction Pendulum type Seismic Mitigation Spherical Bearing

Product Description

The Maurer friction pendulum isolation ball type bearing is a kind of simple structure, reliable performance, free maintenance modern isolation device, its cycle, vertical bearing capacity, damping ratio, lateral displacement and anti pulling force can be controlled separately. In the strong earthquake ,the friction pendulum isolation device can reduced 3-5 times earthquake force which the transfer to the structure . Maurer 's know-how is depositing on that she can precisely customized the friction coefficient between the patented MSM sliding materials and matching pieces, to ensure that the quantitative energy dissipation and structure reset function, formed a number of proprietary technology from the structure to the material.


Performance Features

As a modern isolation device technology of the isolation device , it has the advantages of simple structure, simple calculation, the structure reliability , at the same time through the structure optimization, will not increase the total cost of the project.