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Maintenance-free Seismic Mitigation Spherical Bearing

Product Description

◆MSM/MSA reducing isolation ball bearings with Germany Maurer patented sliding MSM/MSA materials and proprietary technology design, mainly consist of the roof and bottom basin, MSA spherical center plate, a new type of sliding materials MSM and mirror stainless steel plate. Won the National Certificate (Z-16.4-436) certification and European technology approval (ETA-06/0131).

◆The products are divided into unidirectional sliding type (KGE), multidirectional sliding type (KGA), fixed type (KF).

◆The product has the advantages of compact design, low resistance, especially in the dynamic changing can be achieved under large rotation.

◆Does not contain any rubber parts, therefore, the designer does not need to consider the spherical rotation restoring torque.

◆No inner sealing strip, eliminating the security risks.

◆Using isothermal welding technology; completely eliminate the normal welding support’s inner stress, eliminating the internal crack.

◆No rubber board, remove the design bearing the maximum allowable pressure of the bottleneck, so the bearing size can be reduced, with the dual economic and social benefits!

◆The sphere can produce a great free support structure.

◆The load transfer through the sphere, the reacting force in the concrete is relatively uniform, and the spherical MSM plate sliding to achieve bearings rotation.

◆Flexible rotation, can better meet the needs of the bearings large angle, the design angle can reach more than 0.05rad.


Performance Features

◆Economy: since design contact stress of MSM sliding material is 2 times of Teflon PTFE, as spherical bearing sliding material greatly reduced the size than ordinary spherical bearings.

◆Thin structure, raw material saving, greatly reduces the cost of engineering.

◆Durable: compared with PTFE, MSM at least 40 times increase in the service life. Bearing life is longer than the bridge life, so there is no need for replacement of bearings, bearings and bearing replacement saves labor costs.

◆Better performance: MSM spherical bearing is especially suitable for the displacement of frequent and large displacement, rotation, moving rate and large acceleration. While the ordinary PTFE spherical bearing cannot reach these requirements .

◆Applicable scope: The bearings rotation performance is consistent,used for wide bridge, curved bridge, overcome the congenital defects of pot bearing: pelvic rubber block damage cannot be detected, the serious abrasion in brass innner seal will compact bearing failure in railway operation safety, German rail (DB) also pointed out that railway bridge generally can not use pot bearings.