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3D Displacement Seismic Mitigation Modular Expansion Joint

Product Description

On behalf of the world's most advanced, the most reliable and easy maintenance and long lifecycle of the bridge protection structure accessory products ! Is the grid expansion device upgrade module. Different from the grid type modulus expansion device, it become a fact :a set of supporting box composed of a supporting beam supporting all intermediate beam .

Performance Features

◆The control mechanism is simple and efficient (mechanical principle: four link control mechanism) which has important advantages. This control mechanism can adapt to each direction of the bridge structure (3D) motion, rotation and the synchronous transmission of traffic load, and does not need to implement any additional control element.

◆The middle beam can slide on the supporting beam through the sliding member . Through the geometry arrangement of the supporting beam , the middle beam position can be controlled effectively, so that the gap between the middle beam ,the edge beam and the middle beam can be ensured equal.

◆With isolation function.

◆Up to 9% of the adaptability of longitudinal slope.

◆If removed numbers of middle beam , does not affect the control mechanism of telescopic device.

◆As long as the timely and professional maintenance , normal life is more than 40 years, can not replacement parts ‘normal life is more than 100 years.