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Shock-resistance noise-reduction single seal Expansion Joint

Product Description


Mainly structured by the "F" or "C" steel with S radians, rubber sealing strip, anchor plate, anchor pieces.

Performance Features

◆To reduce the noise ;

◆To reduce the vehicle directly impact to the telescopic unit, improve the driving comfortable;

◆Free maintenance because of the patented overall packing element ;

◆Prevent the damage caused by the plow;

◆High standards of anticorrosive mixture design;

◆Simple installation, low maintenance cost ,solve the traditional structure problem that single slit type telescopic device portland cement anchorage concrete is easy broken and steel is easy to break, to ensure the traffic safety, eliminate the occurrence of the traffic accident!

Scope of application: suitable for no more than 160 mm expansion of all bridge engineering, especially suitable for higher requiring environment of reducing noise (for example, close to the somebody else life’s bridge project)