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Reformed Ultra-wearable Sliding Material MSM

Product Description

All the properties of MSM special wear-resistant sliding material are multiplied by the PTFE, its service life is 40 times as much as PTFE! Bring another transform of structure sliding materials. Obtained the invention patent (No.: EP 1523598B1) in Europe, applied for the patent for invention in China.

The test result from Ministry of Railways rail ASTRI indicate that the performance of MSM greatly exceed the technical requirements of JingHu high speed railway (350km / h) bridge basin type bearings and spherical sliding bearing materials , got a high valuation!


Performance Features

◆It can load 2 times of PTFE, the size of the bearing greatly reduced, saving a lot of raw materials, with economic and social benefits!

◆Completely subvert the design theory: the service life is 40 times of PTFE, in the design phase,the designers don’t need to reserve the space of support’s replacement , no replacement for lifecycle (maintenance free). Textbooks need to be modified!

◆Use temperature up to 70°C (PTFE 48°C, a sharp decline in the carrying capacity of more than 30°C).

◆The friction coefficient is still less than 3% at -50°C,while PTFE is no longer using at lower than -35°C.

◆Without aging, the using lifecycle is generally more than the lifecycle of the structure itself.

◆The yield limit: 200N/mm2.

The German national technical approval document (Z-16,4-436) points out that the spherical bearing made of MSM sliding material is especially suitable for

1) The soft structure (such as long span cable stayed bridge and suspension bridge) with large displacement and large rotation angle.

2) High speed railway bridge bearing with large movement speed and large acceleration (emergency brake).

◆Maximum allowable load up to 20000 tons (06/0131 ETA), occupy 100% of the market share of the German ball bearings.

◆Environmental protection: fluorine and chlorine free from environmental pollution.