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Traditional Grider Grid Modular Expansion Joint

Product Description

◆ Consists of side beams, middle beams, support beams, rubber seal, sliding spring, sliding support,control spring and others, a traditional structure expansion device.

◆ Displacement control system: achieved by control spring which made of polyurethane , to adapt the force between the structural deformation, balance the force between side beam and intermediate beam ,to ensure equal space of the intermediate beam , effectively absorb vehicle impacting load.

◆ Support system: provides the flexibility and sliding support on the telescopic device movement direction , sliding spring pre-compression prevent the support element deviation,compensate for manufacturing tolerance ; make up the side beam height difference, sliding support is designed to absorb synthesis tilt of the support beams, reducing torsional rigidity.

Performance characteristics

◆ A certain displacement of lateral and vertical .

◆ Using for stretching less than 640mm of bridge engineering (over 640mm require special design).


◆ Not suited to high live load speed, large horizontal and vertical displacement, flat facade and a large corner of the bridge project.

◆ After the disease appears, can not carry out major maintenance work.