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Company Profile

Maurer SE, initiated by Mr. Friedrich Maurer in 1876 and headquartered in Munich, is a world acknowledged leading

manufacturer of building and bridge structure protection products. Over the past 140 years, Maurer has followed the

scientific and rigorous style of German, and always analyzes, designs and makes all the parts and customizes products

on the basis of considering the overall structure. So far, Maurer products including bridge expansion joints, bearings,

dampers, large steel structure constructions, amusement park roller coasters and their steel structures have been

available throughout the world.

Maurer implements the world's most stringent design and manufacturing standards, has the most advanced manufacturing

and testing equipment and welding technologies and controls each manufacturing detail strictly. All the products have

undergone repeated experiments and strict monitoring of the third-party organizations of Germany. Based on tradition,

Maurer innovates constantly, so its technological level always ranks the forefront of the similar products. Maurer

brands products are safe, reliable, simple,practical and extremely durable. In addition, Maurer boasts a number of technical

know-how and patents. The “figure” of Maurer can be seen in the technical standards of many countries’ related products.

And whenever such products are mentioned in teaching books and academic works, Maurer will be referred to. Moreover,

Maurer also has established a long-term close cooperative relationship with Deutsche Bahn (DB). Maurer products have

been favored by high- and medium-end customers,especially customers that focus on product safety and life cycle.

All Maurer products are authorized to use the CE mark.

Jiangsu iLeader Maurer Smart Technology Group Co., Ltd was established in 2014 under the official authorization of Maurer Germany.

After its establishment, the company constantly introduces, digests and absorbs Maurer Germany's cutting-edge technologies,

invests a huge sum in research and tests and has developed a number of new products, new processes and new materials,

bringing another revolution of building and bridge structure protection products. We will create an excellent team with"Innovative

Concept, Innovative Management and Innovative Technology" and make our company your trustworthy long-term partner in the

field of building and bridge seismic mitigation and absorption products!




In 1876, Mr. Friedrich Maurer founded the company in Munich named after Maurer

In 1931, Mr. Johannes Beutler took over the company during the Great Depression

In 1964, Mr. Maurer Sohne expanded the products, including steel structure and bridge expansion devices

In 1973, the products were added with structural bearings

In 1993, the company acquired the steel structure part of BHS AG, which marked the company set foot in the roller coaster industry

In 1996, the seismic mitigation and absorption protection system brought new business areas

In 1999, Maurer built factories in China and Turkey

In 2004, Maurer established subsidiaries in France, Russia and India

In 2014, Jiangsu Maurer New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established under the official authorization of Maurer SE